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Gold Dust

Artisan Sri Lankan Curry powder


Spice history of Sri Lanka goes back more than 6000 years. True Cinnamon is native to Sri Lanka.Nothing beats an outstanding flavour and the fragrance of Ceylon cinnamon. Cloves,cardamom, nutmeg, mace , peppers and turmeric are growing since ancient times and used in Ayurvedic medicine. Spice blends, curry powder add flavour to your curry and they also provide important health benefits.

Sri Lankan curry powder is different from other curry powder around the world and why you should buy Gold Dust.

My Grandma Engaline's cooking and the way she made her curry paste inspired me to find the Gold Dust.Her cooking was traditional and healthy,using lots of exotic ingredients.Most of them come from the organic home garden. My grandmother's roasted curry powder was different to other curry powder.Childhood memories of her cooking brought me so much happiness and here I am following her foot step by making homemade curry powder from my kitchen headquarters!

Hand selected twelve quality spices carefully roasted to perfection for you to make the perfect Sri Lankan sophisticated spicy vegetable curry such as mushrooms or mix vegetables, Fish or meat curry. Why not experiment your own curry recipe!!

There is nothing like having a curry made with fresh curry powder.Beauty of using Gold Dust is that you can add your own chilli when you are cooking to your taste. Everyone has their own chilli gauge..

Recipe is available with your purchase.

100grams £5.50 plus postage £2.80

50grams £3.50 plus postage £2.80

50grams Gold Dust Trio including Hot And Raw Artisan curry powder £10.00 plus postage £2.80



100g Gold Dust curry powder
50g Gold Dust HOT curry powder
Fenugreek micro plants
Home grown organic coriander flowers
Home grown organic mustard flower
Curry leaves plants
Gold dust
Cinamon bark
Turmeric growing in the water