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Pol roti with lunu miris
wing beans ( Dambala)
Onion flowers

ආයුබෝවන් ! வணக்கம் ! Welcome to Gayani's Kitchen HQ, Sri Lankan Food !


I grew up in paradise Island of Sri Lanka.I was born in historical Matale district,central province.Best thing was growing up in Matale learning about spices & cooking.My first cooking experience as a six year old child was at the knee of my Grandmother and my Auntie Kamala at family home.I love the simplicity of cooking in a traditionl kitchen full of very simple equipments.

Rice & curry traditionally eaten through out Sri Lanka.Vast array of the cuisine also packed with exotic indigenous dishes,yet to be discovered.Sri Lanka had been a major spice producer and a trading post for many countries.Todays Sri Lankan cuisine is influenced by many foreign cuisines such as Indian,Arab,Chinese,Malay,Portuguese, Dutch and British.


I love to cook healthy mouth watering Sri Lankan food - traditional dishes to cooking my own style using fresh,organic, high quality ingredients! I love to introduce many dishes with coconut milk and coconut oil.It plays a big part to make the Sri Lankan cuisine stand out from the rest.


Cooking has been a long and beautiful journey so far. For almost forty years, I have been exploring many different flavours and different cooking methods of Sri Lanka.However the original cooking and recipes of my Grandmother evoke great memories for me and are still my favourites.

Its so inspiring that there are more than 300 varieties of vegetables and fruit growing in Sri Lanka. At GKHQ I love to use traditional cooking methods and combine these with exotic fruits, vegetables and unusual ingredients.


I love to indulge in my other passions like floral designs and arts and crafts.I am designing unique hand embroidered greeting cards,available to buy soon.

I studied multi-disciplinary design,Art & sculpture at degree level and I was particularly drawn to art reflecting nature.I am still painting and hoping to host a one-man show again.

The floral designer in me

I love flowers so much I even had my own florist shop once in Melton Mowbray and still I do freelance work, workshops and exclusive events with British flowers.Now I am a member Flower from the farm.

Cookery book.

My spare time is spent on writting my book.With the help of my son recalling my childhood memories and Sri Lankan recipes. I hope to publish soon.

Watch this space...









Mushrooms stir fry

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